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Dog Fence Receiver CollarsPet Stop is proud to carry Pet Stop® electric pet fencing products! All Pet Stop® products are made with top-grade materials and are on the cutting edge of electric pet containment technology – in fact, Pet Stop® products are the most technologically advanced on the market today. In addition, they are the ONLY pet fencing products 100% American Made, and that means a longer-lasting, better quality product.

You can rest assured that your pet is in the best of hands with Pet Stop –
“The Greatest Fence You’ll Never See” 

Pet Stop® Receivers

Ecolite Rechargeable Receiver

Ecolite Receiver

Ecolite Receiver CollarThe latest and greatest in receiver technology. The Eco-Lite provides a very powerful unit in a minature size receiver collar. Its size makes it great for small dogs but its power works great for large dogs too. Totally customizable settings allowing for a wide range of features and strength levels for different breeds and different temperments. Correction levels so low they are barely perceptable, to levels that keep the hardiest of breeds happily home, are programmable separately for each dog.

The Ecolite is better for the environment and your pocketbook. The battery lasts up to 25 years saving you hundreds of dollars over battery use models. Less batteries end up being discarded in land fills. Of course, The Eco-lite is proudly produced in the U.S.. No other brand is.

Ultra Elite Receiver

Ultra Elite Receiver Collar Eighteen years of continually improving receiver technology has resulted in the most reliable fully featured receiver available today. The UltraElite receiver gives you the piece of mind you require, knowing your dog is protected and safe in your yard. At 1.3 ounces, the UltraElite is incredibly light and comfortable for your dog, yet its packed with safety and containment features like no other. The UltraElite has up to 5000 settings to adjust for numerous breed and behavoiral factors, to best contan your pet. Only a few features are listed below.

The Ultra Elite features include:

1. Twenty second Safety Shut Off. If for some reason your pet became trapped in the field, the battery would not discharge on your dog. The system shuts off until your pet is removed from the field. At Pet Stop. We love our pets, and their safety is paramount.

2. Warning Beeps for pet, prior to correction. Your dog will use more of your yard, knowing he can brush the edge of the signal field and only receive a warning beep, and not an immediate correction.

3.Omni Directional Antenna. Your dog will respond to a more reliable field thats always there, always active. The receiver activates within milliseconds of the collar entering the field, and with 3 antennas instead on one, run through prevention is maximized. We at Pet Stop guarantee we will contain your pet.

4. Low Battery Light. When the light is activated you have about 5 days to change the battery. Plus, you can buy your batteries from us or elsewhere. We don’t have a proprietary battery that we require you to buy from us, charging 2 or 3 times the standard price. Some companies do!

5. Stopper® run through preventer. If your dog enters the field we can add up to a six second additional correction as an additional deterrent. With this we can keep the field as small as possible. This feature is useful for small properties.

Ultra Tuff Receiver

Ultra Tuff Receiver CollarAt Pet Stop we are continually looking at ways to improve our product. One of our newest accomplishments was to take all the features of the UltraElite, and add a harder more durable, crack resistant cover. Thus was born, the Ultra Tough Receiver®. This was designed to withstand the harshest conditions that receivers are subjected to. Ultra Tough has the industries toughest thermoplastic with twice the wall thickness of many standard models. This super strong polymer can take a beating. Whether it’s rowdy Rotwillers rollicking, Irish Wolfhounds wrestling, or Labrador littermates lunging, the Ultra Tough® is your best defence against doggie destructiveness.

Ultra Max Receiver

Pet Stop® Transmitters

OT-200 Transmitter

OT-200 TransmitterOur transmitters, like our receivers, are on the cutting edge of technology. They were designed to offer a wide range of features yet provide ease of use. They put setting controls back in your hands. Some competitors require you to call them out to change your pets settings. If you have multiple dogs,each receiver can be uniquely programed for your dogs temperments. Our transmitter gives a unique DM signal for more exact and precise signal transmission.


Temperature Safe
Our tramitters are designed to ensure that the signal field does not change with outdoor temperature changes. This is an important feature not available in many competitive systems. This is just another example of our superior design working to protect your pet.


  • Wire Break alarm
  • Surge protection
  • Digital Display
  • Sensitivity control for multiple dogs
  • Ultra low training levels
  • Owner programmable settings

OT-300 Transmitter

OT-300 TransmitterDigital Display
Pet Stop transmitters both feature a digital display that is easy to read, also when the display is lit you know the system is working. If a system problem occurs the unit will beep to alert you. No surprises. The digital display lets you know 24/7 what your field setting is, no need to contact a service rep..

Both Outdoor transmitters are fully compatible with most competitor dog fence systems including Invisible Fence®, Dog Guard®, Dog Watch®, and Pet Safe®.

Indoor Transmitter

Indoor TransmitterNo more gates! Our customers love the versatility of our indoor systems. We wire entire homes. Keep the dog out of the bedrooms, upstairs, downstairs basement, living rooms, off kitchen counters, or the couch. Your imagination is the only limiting factor for this fantastic indoor transmitter that works on the same frequency as the outdoor unit. Units field can span from a few inches to many feet. Many customers love the indoor unit every bit as much or more than the outdoor system.


Our indoor transmitter is fully compatible with many Invisible Fence®, Dog Guard®, Dog Watch®, and Pet Safe® units.

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