Gentle, Low-Stress Electric Dog Fence Training

Training your pet to their new electric fence is a critical part of maintaining your pet’s continued security and the effectiveness of the fence. In the past, painful shocks were used as a method of enforcing fence boundaries, but now Pet Stop and Pet Stop® are proud to be utilizing a unique, low-stress training system that not only trains pets faster, but is also much more pet-friendly and humane. It can even be fun too!

GentleSteps™ Fence Training by Pet Stop®

GentleSteps™ low-stress dog fence training logoDeveloped by NJ Pet Stop® dealer Rich Weinssen, GentleSteps™ is an advanced, revolutionary way of training pets to their new electric fence systems. By utilizing a barely-perceptible “tickle” as a correction method, this training technique provides a low-stress, faster way to train pets to their fences without traumatizing them, and works flawlessly with our Pet Stop® fencing technology.

GentleSteps™ reduces stress and behavior problems.
GentleSteps™ trained pets are happier and learn faster.
GentleSteps™  provides greater peace of mind.

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