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“The Best Fence You’ll Never See”

As fellow pet lovers, we know that you’d want your dog or cat to be in the best of hands, and with our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your pets are safe with Pet Stop®.

Pet Stop® brand is not only the fastest growing company in the pet containment industry, but also the most technologically advanced. Our pet fencing systems are truly on the cutting edge of technology, part of our commitment to bringing you the very best, up-to-date methods of keeping your pet safe and secure. We are also committed to bringing you top quality products, all designed and manufactured in the USA with only the finest, most durable materials – when your pet’s health and happiness are at stake, why outsource overseas? Pet Stop® stands behind their products 100% – just ask us about our  guarantee!

Pet Stop® Quality Guarantee

The Pet Stop® Pedigree – Invisible Fence® Founder John Purtell

Would you believe that the former original founder and president of the Invisible Fence® company is now the president of Pet Stop®? You’d be right!

With over 30 years experience in the pet containment industry, Pet Stop® president John Purtell is just one of many former Invisible Fence® experts and engineers that have come together to form one of the most technologically advanced and fastest growing companies in the electric pet fencing industry!

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